Our Team


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Katie henry- Co-Founder

“When I’m President, I will inspire equal opportunity throughout the U.S. by requiring and maintaining that every employer in the country determines job status and pay solely by the caliber of work and effort - not gender.”


Ashley Glass - Co-Founder

“When I’m President, I will place more females in leadership positions in government and inspire businesses around the country to do the same. I will dedicate myself to building a world where at least half of it is run by women.”


Danielle Wasserman - Director of Communications

“When I’m President, spreading kindness and recognizing self-worth won’t just be an inspirational quote or another tear-jerking campaign. These random acts will be so common that Americans all over the nation will routinely reach out a hand, smile in the face of negativity, and shout “Hell yea, I rule!” to a compliment.“


Stephanie de jesus - art director

“When I’m President, I’d like to educate on the importance of togetherness. America shouldn’t have to be a specific face or a certain prototype. It’s a mix of so many that deserve to be treated equally. We forget about the power of being a team, embracing individuals and their backgrounds. Id’ like to remind people how much better things are when we come together and stop going about it selfishly and alone.”